Rating System

At Uber, there are two types of ratings - The weekly rating and lifetime rating. Both of these ratings are important and they are broken down below:

Weekly Rating

Average rating for all trips taken between Monday and Sunday for the week.

Each week our system looks at the average ratings a driver receives from Monday to Sunday. Weekly ratings must be a minimum of 4.4 stars in order for a driver to avoid being deactivated. If a driver’s weekly rating drops below the minimum, an instant text message is sent to the driver inviting him/her to participate in a retraining session. In the case of a retraining a driver is given another opportunity to drive on the platform.

Please note that a driver with more than two deactivations in his entire Uber lifetime is permanently deactivated from the platform.

Lifetime Rating

The lifetime rating is an overall average rating that is based on ALL rated trips since a driver's first trip on the Uber Platform. The minimum rating is 4.4 stars.

Weekly or lifetime ratings can affect a driver’s ability to use the platform in several ways. For more information visit www.ubernigeria.com/uber-rating-system

The lifetime rating is what a driver sees in the Uber Partner app and what a partner sees on their dashboard. It is common for a driver that has a high lifetime rating to have had a poor performance the previous week. For example, a driver with over 500 rated trips may have a lifetime rating of 4.7 stars BUT a weekly rating of 4.3 stars; in this case the driver would be waitlisted for poor quality as a result of his/her’s performance the previous week. This is extremely important as it ensures that poor performance is addressed immediately to avoid a significant impact on a driver's lifetime rating.