Earn extra cash when you invite others to ride with Uber

Until the end of 2016, for every new rider you refer with your personal promo code, Uber will pay you up to N500 in cash and give the rider a free trip of up to N1,500!

With every extra rider using Uber, this means there are even more trips for driver-partners which makes YOU even busier!

Where can I find new riders?

  • Friends and Family: You know lots of people who haven’t used Uber before…you see them every week! Invite your friends and family members to try the Uber experience – remember that they will get a N1,500 off their first trip when they do!
  • Extra Passengers: Often passengers request a trip for them AND a friend – these friends may not have used Uber before!

  • Social Networks: Share your code on your Facebook pages and groups, twitter, instagram etc.

What is my Personal Promo Code?

  • At the start of each month, we send you an email with your unique promo code on it

  • Remember that when you invite someone to ride with Uber, make sure that they sign up with your promo code

  • When they do, they will receive N1,500 off their first ride and you’ll receive that extra cash

  • When they sign up with the code, you receive N200 - and when they actually take their first Uber ride, you’ll receive an additional N300!

When can I request cards?

  • In the launch email, you will be able to click through to a form to request cards

  • Simply fill in the form, and collect the cards from the address that is SMS’d to you

  • You will need to visit this location, give them your name and collect the cards

  • If you don’t request cards in time, you will be able to request the next month

How do I get paid?

  • For every new rider that uses your promo code and takes a trip, we will be paid. You can check your weekly payment statement to track how you’re doing!