I've been seeing lower fares during this promo, why?

During the promo period may see see lower fares, however you will get the full amount of the earnings in your next payment statement. To avoid confusion of the 50% promo we reduced the fares for simplicity both partner drivers and riders. However, you will see the FULL amount in our next payment statement. This is also while enjoying the superb demand! So this means more demand and more earnings!

Does the 50% promo mean my earnings will reduce?

No. Just like promo codes you earn the FULL amount of the ride but the rider pays a lower amount because of the Promo. You will get the full amount of the earnings in your next payment statement. This is also while enjoying the superb demand! So this means more demand and more earnings

I've written the screening test but i'm still not activated, Why? You need THREE things to be activated after writing a screening test You need to pass the test You need to have a registered Uber partner account (registered with the same phone number used to take the test) You need to have completed upload of all required documents Please ensure the phone number used to register to take the test is EXACTLY the same as that used to register your Uber account, wait 24 hours after the test and you will know your status. If you pass, you will be activated within 24 hours.

I've written the screening test but I’m still not activated, Why?

You need THREE things to be activated after writing a screening test. You pass the test You have a registered Uber partner account (registered with the same phone number used to take the test) You have completed upload of all required documents

A rider rated me unfairly, what do I do?

First, it is virtually impossible for you to know if a rider rated you unfairly. Did your rating suddenly go down immediately after completing a trip with a rider? This does NOT mean that the most recent rider's rated, it could be a different rider who only just got to it. If you had an unpleasant experience with a rider, you can rate the rider too! Just select the appropriate rating and submit.

Does cancellation affect ratings?

Absolutely not! Cancellations do NOT affect ratings. Only rider ratings impact your ratings. So, if you have not accepted and completed a trip with a rider, the rider cannot rate you.

Where do I see summary and trips on my dashboard?

You can view your drivers trip summary under your payment statement section by clicking on the driver you are interested in viewing.

How can I update my sort code?

3 easy steps! 1. Log into vault.uber.com >2. Click on Edit > 3. Enter your sort code number

Why Was I Being Charged A 25% Service Fee Instead Of 20%?

In September, we noticed some old partners were incorrectly charged a 25% service fee on their trips. This service fee has now been reversed to 20% and you should see an outstanding payment in your next payment statement. I'm being charged a Background Check Fee and I have been charged before If you were double charged for a "background check fee" and have not yet been refunded, kindly fill this form stating the dates you were charged.

Recently I Receive Trip Requests From Very Far Locations, Why?

You may have noticed that you receive requests from very far locations and this has led to an increase in both rider and driver cancellation rates. Unfortunately, this is a global technical glitch that has affected all countries for the past few weeks. Our technical experts are working hard to resolve this as soon as possible. Please note that during this period, the penalty box for high cancellations will not be applied.

Can A Driver Pause On A Trip?

Absolutely not! Once you start a trip on the app, you can only end when you get to the final destination of the trip. The slider to the right of the app is the online and offline button and does NOT pause the trip. The slider button when switched offline during a trip stops all requests (forward dispatch) from reaching you while on a trip.

Does Uber Refund Background Check?

At Uber, driver-partners go through a screening check. The screening check is handled by a third party company and the N10,000 fee is paid directly to the company. Please remember that screening check fee is non refundable.

Does Uber Carry Out Background Checks On Driver Partners?

We previously carried background checks which involved a four stage process of police reports, guarantors and address checks. In January 2016 we announced to partners during a webinar, a new screening method focused on a psychometric analysis. This screening test is used by leading global organisations and is proven to mitigate the likelihood of misdemeanors. The test which can only be completed once, is used to check driver's integrity, truth score, acuity, honesty and character. These tests have proven to be more effective in detecting potentially problematic drivers and avoiding issues on the platform. The test have also resulted in cost savings from the previous Background Check Fees of N20,000 per driver to N10,000 per driver. We have since migrated to screening tests and do not hold nor collect information around a driver's address, guarantors nor previous employers.

Can I Still Get In Person Retraining?

For your convenience, we have moved all retrainings online and this means you can no longer get retrainings in person. Once you have been waitlisted (temporarily deactivated) because you didn't meet the quality requirements, you will receive a link to the online retraining course. Please click the link once received and take the course as soon as possible. You will be activated within 24 hours after you have successfully completed the online test.

What Is Uber Doing About The Current Impoundments?

We have been working very closely with the regulators to help shape the future of e-hailing in Nigeria. Across the world you often see regulation not keeping pace with innovation, but our ongoing conversation with regulators have seen some very positive milestones in Nigeria. We are thrilled that Nigeria is now the first country in Africa to take positive steps towards building ride sharing into transportation policies, a unanimous vote by the Nigerian House in favour of a resolution supporting ride sharing was passed earlier this year. In addition to this, Uber has formally applied to the Lagos Ministry of Transport for a license under the recently-instituted regulations. We have also received confirmation of our application and will continue to work closely with the government as Uber is pro-regulation. We remain committed to working within an innovative framework that will help shape the future of mobility in the safest way possible. In the meantime, we will stand by our partners and provide full support for any impound fees if related to licensing. This has been true for all partners who have received and reported a missing accreditation ticket.

Demand Seems To Be Quite Slow, What Is Uber Doing About This?

As with any business and any marketplace, demand and supply are constantly changing dynamics which follow the patterns of the city. Demand today far exceeds demand during the same time in 2015. We see a spike in demand around the festive periods, major events and generally when school is in. We see these spikes reduce during the summer period when school is out from June to September, in the first quarter of the year from January to February and around the middle of November. Lagos remains one of the top markets in EMEA for weekly sign-ups and we continue to offer new riders a free first ride paid for by Uber. It is therefore important to keep abreast of the seasonality and maximise earnings during high demand periods. We also continue to see significant under supply on Sundays, Mondays and in specific areas such as the Airport, Ikorodu, Ajah and Festac.

Why Did Uber Reduce The Vehicle Age Limit?

The answer is really quite simple - a brand new Kia Cerato cost N3,5m in early 2015 and today the same car retails at N7m. Existing partners who benefited from the lower priced vehicles are able to drive sustainable economics based on an initial vehicle cost of N3,5m however new partners will be required to buy the same vehicles for over double the cost. As a result we have introduced UberSELECT for newer vehicles and opened up the minimum requirements to accommodate the changing foreign exchange marketplace. In addition to this, Lagos State government has also made an exception and accepts vehicles up to 12 years from the date of manufacture.

Is Uber Now Accepting Vehicles As Old As 1995?

Absolutely not. To increase supply and bring more cars on the road, we lowered the minimum age requirement of uberX to 2006. Uber is a global platform and in a number of countries around the world, we accept vehicles as old as 1995, whilst you can certainly add vehicles this old on the platform, they will not pass the mandatory Vehicle Inspection and will not be able to drive on the platform in Nigeria.

Want To Benefit From Partner Perks?

Please visit our ubermomentum.com.ng to see the amazing perks going on.

Can I Drive Whenever I Want?

Uber gives you the power to manage your own schedule. When you're available to offer rides, simply get on the road and start accepting requests. When you have other things to do, go offline until you're ready to driver again.

Can I Drive My Own Car?

Absolutely! In many places where Uber is available (including here in Nigeria), drivers have the option of using their personal car to provide riders and earn income. For more information check out the vehicles we accept.

When Are Your Office Hours?

Come to our office at The iLx Centre (Venia): Plot 8, 1st Floor, Providence Street (Samsung Building), Lekki, Phase 1 on Weekdays 09:00 - 4:00pm.

Who Uses The Uber Partner App?

Only drivers are expected to use the Uber Partner app. When the app is downloaded, the driver should login with his own email and password he used to sign up on Uber.

What Is The Name Of The App To Download And Where Do I Get It From?

You download Uber Partner app from the Playstore on android phones or follow this link if using an iOS device

What Type Of Phone Can I Get After My Vehicle Has Passed Inspection And Driver Has Been Activated?

Partners provide smart phones (iOS 5 or newer, Samsung Galaxy S4 equivalent or newer). You can get smartphones from konga.com/uber

What Should I Do If My Car Has Passed Inspection And I Have A Personal Driver?

Please schedule your driver for onboarding at ubernigeria.com/calendar

When Can My Car Come In For Inspection?

Book for a car inspection and go to any of the two workshops, for your vehicle to be inspected by certified technicians.

If Something Happens To My Car, Who Is Responsible?

Every Partner is requested to do a comprehensive insurance package for their car. This is done to ensure that any damage that may be incurred in an accident or in a case of car theft, the insurance company would be responsible for handling the damages.

Who Pays The Driver?

The driver is your employee on the Uber platform and has an indirect relationship with Uber. You and the driver negotiate salary, benefits, work hours, and how the vehicle will be handled. We suggest you interview the driver for driving skills and interview him for coachability before making your hiring choice. We do not advise on pay, but some popular payment structure examples we have seen are: Percentage: 17% of overall earnings Salary: N100/hour + N200/trip + N3000 for quality (above 4.7) Hybrid: N20,000 + 10% overall earnings WHAT ARE THE OTHER ADDITIONAL COSTS? Each driver goes through a screening check, which is N10,000 only.

Can Uber Provide A Driver For Me?

You can visit the GL Hub for match making sessions where drivers come in to find partners like you. There are also agencies who provide professional drivers that have been trained to drive on the Uber platform.

How Do I Enter My Bank Details?

Partners enter their bank details by visiting vault.uber.com - include your 10 digit NUBAN number and SWIFT code (e.g. GTBINGLA). Uber accepts current account only.

What Are The Qualifications For Partnering With Uber?

The qualifications for signing up to Uber are: Tax Identification Number (TIN) Vehicle 2006 and newer, 1.75m, (hatchbacks are allowed) A driver with a driver’s license, LASDRI, e-mail address, and Lagos city knowledge

How Much Do I Make Per Week?

The business model depends highly on the driver and their knowledge of Lagos, key events, landmarks and customer service in general. Your possible earnings are dependent on this, and thus you could earn between N50K - N150K (gross) per week, depending on how the driver hustles. Your profits however can be affected by the amount of inefficient travel between trips, air con usage, etc.

What Is Uber?

Uber, a smartphone application that connects riders with drivers in the area, was founded to solve the need for being able to get a reliable ride, wherever and whenever. All riders need to do is download the app to their smartphone and push a button to have a car in minutes.