New Year's Eve is almost here!

We’re revving up to the biggest night of the year for Uber - New Year’s Eve on 31st December - where earning potential for all drivers is huge!

To help you get the most out of the night, follow our suggestions below. Make sure you read all the way through - this information is essential to help you maximise your earnings on the busiest night of the year. This page will also be updated as we get closer with new information, so watch this space to make sure you are ready for New Year's Eve 2016!

Here are a few tips to help you maximise your earnings on New Year's Eve:

  1. Be online between 2PM - 10PM and from 12AM-3AM to maximise your earnings
  2. Remember to be safe
  3. High Surge is expected throughout the evening! Be online to take advantage of this!

What can be expected from New Year's Eve

New Year's eve is the busiest night of the entire 2016! Riders depend on Uber to get them safely to and from their destination. As you know, surge is the way the Uber platform manages demand and supply. We are expecting the most surge at 12:00 right after the switch to 2017!

Know the busiest times to work

The day will start getting busy at 2pm on 31st December and continue into the early hours of the morning. Make sure you’re on the road to take advantage of highest demand between midnight and 3am on the morning of 1st January.

This is a suggestion on when trips are expected throughout the evening and when to be online.

When to be online

Pro Tip - take a break between 10pm and midnight to recharge your batteries - ready for the big rush after midnight!! 


Be prepared

  • Get your car ready for a busy night: check your tyre pressure, water, oil and windscreen washer fluid and make sure you’re starting on a full tank of petrol.
  • Have a backup smartphone and charger so that you can use a different phone if you have difficulties with yours. Remember that the Uber app uses a lot of data, make sure you have enough data to avoid missing out on trips. 
  • Check your documents tonight: Make sure none of your documents expires on the 31st December to avoid being logged off of the system. Upload all your documents in advance for our document team to review it. 

Tips on where to be online

We suggest following the heat map on your app to see where the Demand is. It is going to be extremely busy all over Nigeria as the world moves together for the last night of 2016. There are numerous events happening all over Nigeria. For more information on these events, follow the below button.

Help Us, Help You

We have a number of things in place this year to help you stay on the road and maximise your earnings on New Year’s Eve:


Lost Property

Set your interior lights to go on when they door opens so that riders can more easily check the seats. Check your car after every rider to make sure there is no lost property left behind. If anything is left in your car, keep it safe and return it to the Uber office as soon as you can.


Cleaning Fees

If a rider makes a mess, don’t be angry with them. Take them where they need to go and let them know that Uber will be in touch. Take photos of the mess and send them in, along with the cleaning receipt and the trip number to

Remember that there are no car washes or valets open over New Year’s Eve so it’s worth bringing some simple cleaning products with you - tissues, water, cloths and air freshener - to ensure one incident doesn’t take you off the road for the rest of the night.

Keep yourself and your rider safe



  • Uber requests only come through the app. The Uber system doesn’t allow accepting street hails, and picking up passengers who haven’t requested through the app is both illegal and dangerous for riders and drivers.
  • Confirm the request with the rider. Ask the rider to confirm his or her name before beginning a trip, especially in areas with lots of people looking for rides.
  • Only accept a legal number of passengers. If the rider has more people with them than you have seat belts for, you should ask them to request another car for the rest of their group.


  • Drive safely to the drop-off location. You can use the navigation feature in the app to help ensure you get the rider to the correct destination efficiently.
  • Report any and all incidents. No matter how small or regardless of fault, it’s important to report any incident to Uber that may happen during a trip. 
  • Be Professional. After a night of celebration, many passengers will be intoxicated. Make sure to stay professional. Don’t let the little disruptions get to you, and remember, a safe ride and a professional, calm attitude are the most important factors to having a successful night.


  • Drop riders off on the correct side of the street. Pulling up to the correct side of the street is the safest place for drop off so riders don’t have to cross the street in dark or high-traffic areas.
  • Rate the rider honestly. We have a rating system both for riders and drivers. Leave further feedback if star ratings are not enough.
  • Report any issues or confusion from the trip. If anything out of the norm happens on a trip, please send us feedback about it right away via

We’ll be with you every step of the way to make sure you are ready for the busiest night of the year! 

Remember: Take advantage of the quiet times to take a break and keep checking your personal phone for tips from us as to when it’s best to be online!

New Year's Eve night is going to be huge - looking forward to seeing you on the road!