December 28th, 2016

What is Uber doing concerning the officials disturbing and impounding of Cars using the Uber app because the operational license?

Impoundments has been stopped, and we are currently in talks with the government.

What should be done during a cash trip where the rider insists on not paying cash and that charges should have gone to her card instead?

Report via the app. Never argue or hassle with the rider.

What do you mean by adjusted fares

An adjusted fare is a fare that was re-calculated. This could be reasons of GPS issue, in- appropriate route, lack of toll & similar issues.

What is the profit sharing formulae for Uber partner?

Uber charges a service fee of 25%, while partners 75% of every trip made on the Uber.

Why Is It That Sometimes The Statement Sent To Partners Are Different From What The Driver Has? Especially Cash Trips?

This occurs where their are fare adjustments, driver using fares for car expenses(Toll, fuel and no change), fare refund.

What Year Of Car Does Uber Accept?

We accept 2003 vehicles up to the present date.

What phones can a driver use for uber?

Minimum of an s4 for a samsumg and a minimum of the 4s of the iOS, however you can go for alternative brands: lenovo and Infinix.

I took the safety screening test and I didn’t see the result what should I do?

Ask a representative to check status on

Why is uber fares so low in Abuja?

Our goal is to make transport and reliable and accessable as running water.

Is it possible to pair more than one driver on a car in order to interchange them when necessary?

Yes. However for clarify, drivers are paired to a partner account, not the car.

Do I have a right to check a rider's backpack at night before starting a trip to know its content?

No. However, If you don't want to take trips you can go offline.

My bank deposit shows a negative amount. What does that mean?

It means you have more cash trips than card, we are unable to charge the 25% service fee

Can I change my driver when I feel like?

Yes. Follow the process at

How else can i partner with Uber?

You can also earn money referring people

Can I take a rider outside the state on uber request

No. This won't be calculated in the fare