Some Uber partners have asked us what to do in the event of a serious incident on the Uber system. 

If you're involved in an accident:

  1. Ensure that everyone involved is safe. If there are any serious injuries, call an ambulance on 767.
  2. Exchange details with any other drivers involved.
  3. Lodge an Incident Report with police.
  4. Let us know. If it is a minor incident, email If it is a serious incident, send a message to our Urgent Issue Text Line and we'll get in touch as soon as possible.

You feel unsafe during a trip:

Rest assured that Uber has the details of every rider and driver on file, and the vast majority of situations are effectively dealt with by Uber support. 

However, if a serious issue arises on a trip in which you feel unsafe, we suggest you:

  1. Pull over where safe and let the rider know that you're not able to continue the trip.
  2. If the rider doesn't leave, or there is aggressive behaviour or threats to your personal safety, you're within your rights.  
  3. Let us know. If it's a minor issue, email If it's a serious issue, send a message to our Urgent Issue Text Line we'll get in touch as soon as possible.