In line with your feedback and ideas -  UberX fares has been reduced across Lagos, Nigeria. Effective Thursday 4th of May at 12pm


Based on our experience from other countries, we expect this to lead to an INCREASE IN PARTNER EARNINGS as a result of increased trip requests from new and existing riders.

Following are the new fares:

To demonstrate our confidence in this fare reduction, we will TOP-UP your earnings for a temporary period.


What does a TOP-UP mean?

Top-Up guarantees mean that Uber is protecting your earnings until they return to past levels.

Here is how Top-Ups work:

  • If you earn less than the guarantee amount per hour, Uber will TOP-UP the difference

  • If you earn exactly or higher than the guaranteed amount per hour, there will be no need for a TOP-UP


Top-Up Guarantee amounts and when they are valid:

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 8.27.31 PM.png

IMPORTANT: To qualify for these TOP-UPs you MUST take at least 1 trip every two hours and accept at least 80% of all trips.

 Remember, the temporary TOP-UP is our guarantee that if you earn below the guarantee amount we will pay the difference. Uber takes the risk.

For example, if you work on Friday at 10am - 11am and earn only N1,000, we will TOP-UP your earning with N500 so you earn no less than the N1,500 guarantee (N1,500 - N1,000).