We are excited to announce an update to Surge maps which is starting on 27 September in Abuja! New Dynamic Pricing Maps will help make finding the highest demand and getting more trips easier than ever before. This is what it will look like: 


What does this mean?

  • Rather than seeing large Surge areas, you will now see exactly where the greatest need for more cars is in order to position yourself better.

  • Colors change where cars are needed, meaning less wasted time driving guessing where demand is and more trips.

  • Dynamic Pricing Maps are improving every day, bringing you lower ETAs and more information on where trips can be found at any time.

How to see what Surge multiplier is in an area?


Zooming in closer to a surging area will reveal the exact surge multiplier for trips requested from that area. You can zoom in by pinching the screen.
The darkest red areas have the highest prices and demand, showing exactly where the best place to drive is.