Commitment to quality - VERY IMPORTANT

In Uber, we seek that all trips are extraordinary, which is what our customers expect. Hence the reason why we have a strong commitment to providing the best service possible.

Quality is taken very serious as every driver is given a probation period of 40 trips to have at least a 4.4 star rating. Drivers who don’t have up to 4.4 would have their account switched off by the system automatically.

Tips for 5 star ratings

  • An eTag with credit at all times.
  • A phone with credit at all times.
  • Opens and closes the doors.
  • Help with suitcases and packages.
  • Use a professional wardrobe.
  • Asked what radio station the rider wants to listen to.
  • Ask if riders have a preferred route.
  • Keep the vehicle clean inside and out.
  • Provides water and sweets.
  • Do not talk make or pick calls while on trip.

Some reasons for deactivation

  • Not taking rider to the requested destination.
  • Driving on the account of another person.
  • Allowing someone else to use your own account.
  • Contacting rider after trip.
  • Traffic Code Violations.
  • Fraud or dishonest attempt to take advantage of the system.
  • Offering the Uber service without using the app.
  • Discrimination, abuse and disrespect.